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This piece of land has a deep and historical meaning to our family, and we've returned to our roots by restoring the property to its former, agricultural glory, allowing the history and the soil to speak through the wine we produce.

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Our Story began over 100 years ago...


...with our great grandfather, Salvatore Villari. Salvatore was born and raised in Messina, Italy, on a farm where his family grew lemons and grapes. In 1910 and at merely 16 years old, young Salvatore boarded a ship sailing to the U.S., knowing only a few words of English. He landed in Philadelphia, PA and got his entrepreneurial start by walking cattle on a 75-mile trek from Lancaster, PA, to sell at a meat processing plant in Philadelphia. A formidable journey, and yet another shining example of the fortitude this country's built upon… the pursuit of the American Dream.


In 1925, Salvatore's hard work and success enabled him to purchase a 30-acre farm in Deptford, NJ; four generations later, the land that would ultimately be home to Villari Vineyards in 2010. Salvatore used the farm to raise horses and pigs. So, the adorable pig you see in our logo today pays homage to the family business, the historical significance of this property and the surrounding area in Deptford, NJ.

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Salvatore's youngest son, Joseph (Pepe), decided to follow in his father's footsteps, working tirelessly to continue building upon the family legacy. A beloved, knowledgeable, and well-respected man, Pepe was ultimately elected President of the NJ Livestock Association. In turn, his three sons, Sam, Joe, and Rocco, started a new family business venture over 40 years ago, with one truck and a lot of determination and perseverance. Their hard work and commitment to quality has culminated into several successful businesses today. In our own way, our family has always been in the pursuit of excellence - in every endeavor.


Our story started in Italy, where our known ancestors grew lemons and grapes, and enjoyed the fruits of their labor in the wines they made and drank with family and friends. Salvatore brought those virtues to America, where our fathers continued the family tradition.


Today, Villari Vineyards operates on the original plot of land that has been owned, farmed, and managed by the same family, since 1925. Always in pursuit of perfection, Villari Vineyards seeks to produce some of the most delicious wines New Jersey has to offer. We invite you to come and enjoy, and we look forward to sharing our table with yours... with a nostalgic wave to our past and an affectionate hope for our future!

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